Russian Company INTERVTORRESOURCE LTD (IVR), focused on scrap production and international trading activity.
Company IVR is can delivery all kinds of steel scrap mainly HMS, bales, turning, alloyed and stainless scrap by big vessels up to 40 kt, small vessels – 2,5-5 kt, by containers of 20’ on terms of FOB St-Petersburg and CFR/CIF final customer port all over the world.

Steel scrap 3A , Thickness is 3-6 mm, SF 60-65
Steel scrap 3A Bonus , Thickness is over 6 mm, SF 50-55
Steel scrap 12A (HMS number 2 – cut or baled light material), SF 40-45
Steel slag scrap 25-26A, Fe content is over 90 %, SF 20-25
Iron slag scrap 25-26A, Fe & C content is over 90 %, SF 20-25
Steel Turning 15A-16A, SF 40-45
Cast Iron Scrap 17A-18A, SF 45-50
Stainless scrap:
Low alloyed steel scrap (Ni 3-4%, Cr 1-2%)
Middle alloyed scrap (Ni 8– 10 % , Cr – 17-18 %)
High alloyed scrap (Ni 17-18%, Cr 1-2%, Cu 6-7%)
Scale 27A, Total Fe content 70-85 %, of which reduced Fe is 40-45 %, SF 15-20
All grades are certified accordingly Russian technical terms (GOST 2787-75)

Technical capacity and possibilities:
Company IVR has ability and assets allowing to delivery general kind of scrap by big vessels up to 40 k t and up to 20’ containers monthly, namely – 7 Excavators, Shear baler, wheel loader, 10 big scrap trucks, 2 container loaders – Forkers, Oxigen cutting equipment, 3 Weight bridge system
Radiological control systems, Alloy control equipment, video control systems, Yard Constructions, Other equipment
Storage space and export terminals
The company has two export terminals with space of 20’000 sq m. in Petrolesport, St. Petersburg, Russia
Geography of delivery :
The company works at the scrap market 10 years with steady increase of the tonnage and value turnover. The company ships to EU (Countries: Spain, France, Portugal,Holland, Germany, Belguim), India, Bangladesh, Turkey, SE Asia and other.

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