Intervtorresurs Ltd. (IVR), St. Petersburg
Licence 00103/2013 dd 05/03/2013 for collection, storage, processing and selling of ferrous scrap.
Licence 00389-47-000 dd 30/07/2012 for collection, storage, processing and selling of non-ferrous scrap.
Licence 00510-47-000 dd 01/06/2012 for collection, storage, processing and selling of ferrous scrap.
The company was founded in 2005 by Mr. Alexey Kuryatnikov, the Chief Executive Officer of Intervtorresurs Ltd., and Mr. Nikolay Malykh, the Deputy Chief.

The company's line of activities is purchase of scrap and waste of ferrous metals on domestic market (by trucks and railway cars), its collection, processing, and exporting by heavy-tonnage vessels to European, Asian, and Indian markets.

Intervtorresurs Ltd. has the experience of shipments to the largest metallurgical companies of the world such as TOSCELIK PROFIL VE SAC ENDUSTRISI A.S., ICDAS CELIK ENERJI TERSANE VE ULASIM SANAI A.S., YOLBULAN BASTUG METALURJI SANAYI A.S., DILER DEMIR CELIK ENDUSTRISI VE TIC.A.S., ArcelorMittal, Tubos Reunidos S.A., JSL Limited, Severstal PC. Annual foreign trade turnover forms over 200'000 MT.

Intervtorresurs ltd. possesses the yards for collecting, storage, grading and partial processing of the scrap on the territory of OJSC "Petrolesport", shipbuilding yards "Admiralty shipyard" (JSC "Admiralteiskie Verfi") and "Northern shipyard" (JSC "Severnaya Verf"). All scrap collecting areas are fitted with necessary special-purpose equipment including SIERRA press shears providing fast and high-quality processing and cutting of steel scrap. The company also has special gas-cutting areas. The yards are fitted with truck scale and hoisting equipment. Unloading of the scrap is carried out by LIEBHERR grab dredgers. The company has container terminal for loading-unloading operations.

Intervtorresurs ltd. has a stainless steel processing area where the raw material is analyzed by NITON spectrometers while acceptance.

All IVR's yards are equipped with a video monitoring system. Twenty-four-hour monitoring of the area and all the operations carried out within this area, allows to settle all the possible disputes with suppliers quickly and effectively.

Suppliers mostly deliver the scrap using water transportation, trucks or railway transportation. However, it is also possible to deliver the scrap by IVR's trucks. All the scrap delivered to the IVR's yards passes the radiation controlling by fixed and portable devices. Scrap acceptance is executed under the Russian State Standard 27-87-75.

Intervtorresurs ltd. carries out the following scrap processing technological operations:
- pressing, baling, cutting of light scrap using guillotine type shears;
- gas-cutting of oversized thick scrap and metal waste using oxygen and N-gas;
- grading of mixed scrap and metal waste by grab dredgers.

IVR is a personnel oriented company with over than 100 employees. The company seeks to provide maximum operation safety and efficiency of the production, and to create and maintain comfortable and incentive working environment and team spirit.

Potential of the company, efficiency and competence of its staff allow IVR to offer the partners stability and favorable cooperation conditions.

As for the commercial management and coordination of scrap flows, IVR has the possibility to make shipments of the scrap by heavy-tonnage vessels from Port of Sillamae, Estonia through our European partner company Recycling. Recycling has the yards fitted with identical complex of scrap processing equipment located on the territory of Port of Sillamae, Estonia. It allows carrying out loading operations of the vessels with deadweight 25'000 - 60'000 tons within a shorter time spaces and with flextime laycan dates, one-by-one in 2 ports: OJSC "Petrolesport", Russia and Port of Sillamae, Estonia.

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